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About Missouri State Button Society

Our goal is to provide opportunities to learn more about collectible sewing buttons and share that knowledge with other collectors. As we collect, study and classify we come to appreciate the beauty and history of our buttons. Please join us in this entertaining and educational pursuit!

State organization

The Missouri State Button Society meets twice a year, in the Fall and Spring.  At our Fall workshop (typically the last full weekend of October) you can participate in a variety of educational programs.

Our annual Spring show (typically the last full weekend of April) is an opportunity for members to enter buttons into competition and view exhibits of fantastic collectible buttons of all ages.

Local clubs

There are two organized button clubs within the state of Missouri. Members of these clubs are always happy to meet new collectors and share a wealth of information about button collecting.

Both groups meet monthly and have educational programs, as well as rotate hosting duties for the Missouri State Button Show.


Membership in the Missouri Button Society is $20 annually and you will receive three bulletins each year.  For more information about membership, please contact: Nancy Cummins